Why LNG?

Liquefied natural gas has become an important part of the global energy supply chain. Currently representing just over 10% of natural gas volumes delivered, LNG is now exported by 18 countries and imported by 33. Many more are gearing up for or considering imports.
There are two fundamental differences between the Oil market and the LNG market

  • Oil is produced first and then sold
  • LNG is sold first and then produced

Some core facts about the industry:

  • Natural Gas constitutes 50% of Pakistan’s primary energy mix
  • Natural Gas production has been stagnant at 4,000 MMCFD for almost 10 years
  • Constrained demand for Natural Gas is estimated at 6,000 MMCFD
  • Whereas unconstrained demand is estimated to be 8,000 MMCFD
  • Pakistan needs to IMPORT Natural Gas through either Pipelines or LNG
  • LNG is today the ONLY cost-effective long term solution available for Pakistan’s Energy problems.
  • Pakistan’s first 400 MMCFD volume LNG Terminal erected at Port Qasim has added 12% to Pakistan’s Gas Supply and thus proved the success factor of this new strategy