Grievance Handling Policy

Employees may formally seek to redress their grievances in respect of their lawful rights or any form of discrimination.

Company shall expect Immediate Supervisors / Reporting managers of the employees to hear first-hand complaints and resolve grievances without recourse to formal procedures. If the grievance holds, the matter shall be referred to the HR Department.

Grievances formally notified to the Company shall be replied to in writing to the aggrieved employee within 07 days.

Anonymous complaints shall not be responded to, but shall be notified to Head of HR.

No employee shall suffer from any unfair treatment because of the fact that they presented a grievance or complaint under the provisions of these policies.

Employees shall be encouraged to voice grievances through the grievance handling procedures. The objectives shall be to resolve the problems at the earliest stage in order to promote amicable professional relationships amongst the employees.

Management shall take action against the employee if the grievance contains false accusations or is defamatory to the Company, his superior and colleagues. Accusations would be false if not supported by valid evidence regarding the matter at hand.